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Universal Metal C-1 Phone Mobile Holder For Motorcycle, Bike 360 Degree Rotation

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Mobile Phone Holder For Bike

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Waterproof Mobile Holder for Bike

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  • Suitable for mounting all types of mobile/PDA/GPS/MP4 devices on motorcycles.
  • The unit is shock-resistant and slip-resistant, designed to hold electronic devices safely and stably.
  • This waterproof mobile stand for bikes is 360 degrees rotatable and can be bent flexibly.
  • Convenient and quick to install on motorcycle mirrors.
  • Waterproof bags with high waterproof and rainy days don’t have to worry about travel.
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  • This bike stand is the best option for electronic device holders on motorcycles. it is safe, stable, and easy to install. You can operate your touch screen smoothly. The phone’s touch screen function can work in this case except for the fingerprint identification function. It is designed in the most simple bag with a zipper door.
  • This waterproof mobile stand for bikes can be tightened at, fixed angle. Before use, please make sure that the waterproof bag and the base are connected in place: base four claws into a waterproof bag and four-hole presses the push to hear “click” sound that is installed in place, press and hold the drive direction.
  • Exclusive dual metal memory hose the angle of the supporting arm can be bent and adjusted according to the requirement. The hole diameter of the screw hole in the mirror is 10mm If you need to expand their small aperture.
  • This waterproof bike stand can also use for mobile phones/PDA/GPS/MP4 and other equipment. Non-slip resistance, the clamping device is safe and secure. The bracket base can be arbitrarily bent, can also rotate 360 degrees. The bracket can be fixed ad installed on the rearview mirror of the motorcycle electric vesicle.
  • We also have a Simple Bike Holder. And also have, Baseus Gravity Car Holder, Phone holder for Car Steering, S6 Car Holder With Wireless Charging, Suction Cup Car Holder, Tablet Holder For Car, Universal Instrument Panel Car Holder, 360 Degree Car Dashboard Holder.

Instructions For The Motorcycle Stand:

  1. Remove the rearview mirror.
  2. Install this waterproof mobile stand for the bike and reattach the rearview mirror.
  3. Twist and rotate the unit of the stand, then adjust the angle.
  4. Press the switch on the main unit to release the arms. These place the electronic device into the arms. Fasten the device by pressing the two arms together.
  5. Rotate the unit and position the device horizontally.
  6. Rotate the unit and position the device vertically.

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